Taxis in Japan are very safe. But most taxi drivers speak only Japanese. Therefore, it is best to point at your destination to the driver.


Fares differ according to time and distance. The minimum fare for a small-sized taxi is ¥670 and if you take a taxi early in the morning or late at night, there is an extra charge.
Taxi fares to major sightseeing spots (small-sized taxi)
■ Sendai Airport-JR Sendai Station: about ¥5500
■ JR Sendai Station-Hirosedori (shopping district): ¥670
■ JR Sendai Station-Kokubuncho (entertainment district): ¥670
■ JR Sendai Station-Akiu Onsen (hot spring resort): about ¥6000
■ JR Sendai Station-Sakunami Onsen (hot spring resort): about ¥7700
■ JR Sendai Station-Matsushima: about ¥6300

Sightseeing Taxi

Each taxi company has sightseeing courses and offers taxis that will take you around to major sightseeing areas (reservations required).

Inquiries about sightseeing taxi;
■Inari Taxi・022-241-1122
■Teisan Cab Sendai・022-231-5151 (in Japanese)