Sendai Marugoto Pass

The "Sendai Marugoto Pass" allows you unlimited travel around Sendai and vicinity

The pass is good for a two-day period and allows pass-holders unlimited rides on trains and buses. You can travel anywhere in Sendai as well as major sightseeing spots such as Akiu Onsen, Matsushima or Yamadera Temple.

Price ¥2,720

Effective period of pass 2 days

Where you can purchase the pass: "Midori no Madoguchi" (みどりの窓口、ticket office) at all JR stations, reserved seat ticket vending machines at JR Sendai Station, ticket vending machine at Sendai Airport Station, etc.

How to use the pass: Go through the automatic ticket gate when using JR trains, the subway or the Sendai Airport Line. When using the Loople Sendai bus or other buses, show your pass to the driver when getting off the bus.
*If you show your Marugoto Pass at the Sendai Tourist Information Center on the 2nd floor of JR Sendai Station, you will receive a coupon booklet containing discount coupons and information on special services.