Banji-iwa Rock

Banji-iwa Rock is a huge rock wall standing at the headwaters of the Natori River, and is designated as a Place of National Scenic Beauty. It consists of three parts, Urabanji, Omotebanji and Hikagebanji. Each rises steeply like a folding screen made of rock in front of valley. The Omtebanji, vertical wall ranges from 80 to 150 meters, and forms a breathtaking panorama stretching for over three kilometers. You can see small waterfalls flowing over the wall, which makes for beautiful nature especially in fresh and colored leaves season.
Access: At JR Ayashi Sta., take a bus for Futakuchi, get off at the end point and walk for 30 minutes.

Baba, Akiumachi, Taihaku-ku, Sendai