Discover SENDAI photo contest

Thank you so much for the many photo entries!
There were entries from all around the world reaching a grand total of 1355 altogether.
The winning entries for categories of excellent, unique etc. have been chosen, so it's time to announce the results!

Top Prize

Night of Sendai
Creator of post:immian_ 
Photo location:Sendai aer
Judge's comment:The cross made by the train-lines is beautiful. It's like an 'X'. It feels like the city is alive.

Merit Awards (Natural scenery)

Hirose river
Creator of post:dick3895
Photo location:Kawauchi
Judge's comment:The sky is a beautiful hue thanks to the clouds. The way the lighting has been captured is great.

Merit Awards (Townscape)

Heart of the city
Creator of post:jerfareza
Photo location:Sendai station
Judge's comment:The literal 'heart' of the Sendai City is constantly moving. It's almost like an image of a heart and veins.

Merit Awards (Sendai snap)

Poised Sparrow
Creator of post:juisshu
Photo location:Koutoudai park
Judge's comment:The pose looks just like a sparrow perched in a tree, ready to take flight at the next moment.

Most Unique Entry Award

Hirose in my heart
Creator of post:zappylily 
Photo location:Hirose river
Judge's comment:The feeling of adults freely mucking around is great. It makes you want to join them. This is a scene you don't often see in Sendai.

Unique Entry Award (Natural scenery)

Bell on the Temple
Creator of post:irishbell25
Photo location:Osakihachimangu shrine
Judge's comment:This captures the true 'colours' of Japan. Something very interesting you won't find overseas.

Unique Entry Award (Townscape)

Autumn color
Creator of post:leafage1203
Photo location:Osakihachimangu shrine
Judge's comment:The two Tori gates really leave an impression. The red and yellow colours are captured beautifully.

Unique Entry Award (Sendai snap)

Human Daddy and Puppy Kids
Creator of
Photo location:Ichibancho
Judge's comment:So cute! It makes you look forward to winter. The way the dog's tongue is sticking out is cute. You can often see them around Sendai.

Judge's Special Mention Award

Cherry Blossom in Sendai Toshogu Shrine
Creator of post:mimisky87
Photo location:Sendai toshogu
Judge's comment:This is the kind of well-admired Japanese scenery that international visitors want to see.

Flower beauty
Creator of post:rose_520_rose
Photo location:Sendai science museum
Judge's comment:It's a beautiful shot. It makes you want to go and take the same photo for yourself.

Pink spectrum
Creator of post:stephanieliang
Photo location:Sendai asaichi
Judge's comment:It shows off the delicious seafood of Sendai. You can feel the 'local' vibes of Sendai.