Kanrantei Tea House

This tea house of the ruling Date family once served samurai, princesses and royal guests. Today, anyone can enter Kanrantei and enjoy matcha green tea and sweets while viewing the gentle rippling waters of Matsushima Bay.
In the fall Kanrantei has special evening hours where you can enjoy the cool evening breeze and full moon rising over Matsushima Bay.
There is an admission fee to enter the tea house grounds.
There is an additional fee that covers entry into the tea house with a matcha tea and sweet set of your choice.
Pay for admission and choose a matcha set at the ticket booth at the top of the stairs.

April to October: 8:30-17:00(last order 16:30) November to March: 8:30-16:30(last order 16:00)
*Entry to the grounds: Adults 200 yen/ High school/college students: 150 yen/ Middle school and elementary school students: 100 yen/ Children under the age of 6:free *Entry into the Tea House with matcha and dessert set is an additional 300-700 yen. Place your order at the ticket booth.
6 minutes-walk from Matsushima-kaigan Sta. of JR Senseki Line
56 Chonai, Matsushima Town, Miyagi Prefecture