Community Cycle (Bicycle Sharing) service

”DATE BIKE”, a Community Cycle (Bicycle Sharing) Service

“DATE BIKE” is a useful bicycle-sharing service which you can rent and return at any cycling port in downtown Sendai.
For visitors, the one-day rental service is recommendable. You can rent a bike at the manned service station (see the address below). The price is 1,029yen for adults and payable only by cash. It is required that you have a Japanese-speaking skill (or have a Japanese-speaking fellow traveler) and have a cell phone available in Japan when foreign visitors rent a bike. For further information, please see the DATE BIKE web site.

■ DATE BIKE service available: 7:00 -22:00
■ Address of the manned service station: 1F of Yamaguchi Building, 1-1-31, Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-0811 (open 8:00-19:00)

DATE BIKE web site (in English)