Rental Cars

Rental Cars

If you bring the proper documents with you, you can drive a car in Japan (please check the laws before you leave for Japan). Almost all cars have a car navigation system installed so you can easily find your way around.

Car rental companies
Car rental agency counters are located at the Sendai Airport domestic terminal (1st floor). There are also car rental agency offices around JR Sendai Station.

The cost to rent a compact car is about ¥6500 for 24 hours. For each day thereafter, There is an additional ¥5700.

How to rent a car
You can rent a car directly from the agency on the day you arrive. It is recommended that you reserve a car beforehand on the Internet, or other means.

Tohoku Expressway pass

The Tohoku Expressway Pass is a special service that allows unlimited use of Tohoku expressways through the ETC system at a flat rate. The pass user can drive on expressways at a flat rate as many times as they wish for two or more consecutive days up to fourteen days without worrying about additional charges. The service is available via rental car service companies. For more information, please visit the web site of East Nippon Expressway Company (available in English, Chinese, and Korean).

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