Loople Sendai

Loople Sendai

The Loople Sendai bus stops at major sightseeing spots in central Sendai. If you purchase a one-day pass, it allows you unlimited rides for the day. If this is your first visit to Sendai, this is an ideal way to see the sights of the city.

How to use Loople Sendai

●It takes about one hour per full circuit.
●From the JR Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool, take the bus from Platform No.16
●The first bus leaves JR Sendai Station at 09:00 and the last bus leaves at 16:00. Buses run every 15-20 minutes.
●Get on the bus at the central entrance and get off at the front. When you are getting off the bus, insert your one-day pass into the ticket machine or pay the single fare.
●Announcements are made in English.
●Change can be made for ¥1,000 bills. Other types of bills cannot be changed.

Bus fare

■ One-day pass (only good for the Loople Sendai bus)
Unlimited rides on the bus for a single day
Adults (12 years and older): 620yen
Children (under 12 years of age): 310yen
■ One-day pass for Loople Sendai and Subway
Adults: 900yen
Children: 450yen
■ Single-ride ticket
Adults: 260yen
Children: 130yen

Where to Buy Economical One-day Pass

1) JR Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool Ticket Window
2) 21 hotels and accommodation facilities in Sendai City (Tickets are sold at the front desk. Purchases can also be made by non-guests.)
3) Facilities along the route of Loople (Sendai Aoba Castle Museum, Zuihoden Mausoleum and Sendai International Center)
4) On Loople Sendai Bus

Special Offers of One-day Pass for Loople Sendai and Subway

■ Sendai Aoba Castle Museum: Adults: 700yen → 500yen
■ Zuihoden Mausoleum: Adults: 550yen → 450yen
■ Sendai City Museum: Adults: 400yen → 320yen
■ The Miyagi Museum of Art: Admission fee (permanent exhibits) discount, adults 300yen → 240yen, or 100yen discount for special exhibits
...and more!