Follow the Footsteps of Date Masamune

Follow the Footsteps of Date Masamune

Today’s Sendai City cannot be talked about without mentioning feudal lord Date Masamune who founded this city four hundred years ago.
There are many large-scale and luxurious historic sites related to him in Sendai, such as the site of Sendai Castle, the National Treasure Osaki Hachimangu Shrine which was constructed by the greatest carpenters of the period, and his final resting place, Zuihoden Mausoleum.
The Loople Sendai sightseeing bus allows you to travel to each of these spots efficiently.
If you have time for a day in Sendai, visiting these locations will let you to grasp the history and origins of Sendai City.

Osaki Hachiman Shrine

Time required: one day
Total amount: 1,430JPY (Loople Sendai one day pass 620JPY, admission fee of Zuihoden 450JPY* and admission fee of Sendai City Museum 360JPY*)
*discount price with Loople Sendai one day pass

Zuihoden mausoleum

Recommended course
Sendai Station~15 mins by Loople Sendai~Zuihoden~4 mins by Loople Sendai~Sendai City Museum~3 mins by Loople Sendai~Sendai Castle site (stay for 40 mins) ~21 mins by Loople Sendai~Osaki Hachiman Shrine~27 mins by Loople ~Sendai Station

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