Access from Tokyo to Sendai

Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

If you want to save time, taking Shinkansen (bullet train) is the best way. It takes only about one and a half hour from Tokyo to Sendai and the price is about 10,890yen for one-way. More than 80 trains run between Tokyo and Sendai daily.
For foreign visitors, “Japan Rail Pass”, “JR East Pass Tohoku Area” and “JR East and South Hokkaido Rail Pass” are recommendable so that you can take the train cheaper than normal price.
You can reserve seat via JR East website (below).

Long-distance Bus

If you take a long-distance bus from Tokyo to Sendai, you can save money. Many bus companies have a line between Tokyo and Sendai. It takes about five and a half hours and the fare is 2,200yen ~ 6,500yen (depends on bus company, time schedule and bus grade). There are direct lines from Narita airport and Haneda airport to Sendai as well.