Ferries and Other Access to Sendai

Access to Sendai from Other Cities in Japan

Sendai is connected to other cities by the Shinkansen or other train lines, buses, and ferries. The list below shows access to Sendai from other cities (prices listed are adult one-way fares.)

Tomakomai-Sendai: Ferry - 14 hrs 45 min ¥8300
From Tomakomai to Sendai: leave at 19:00, arrive at 10:00 (next day)
From Sendai to Tomakomai: leave at 19:40, arrive at 11:00 (next day)

Nagoya-Sendai: Ferry - 21 hrs ¥7200
From Nagoya to Sendai: leave at 19:00, arrive at 16:40 (next day)
From Sendai to Nagoya: leave at 12:50, arrive at 10:30 (next day)