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Exploring Shrines and Temples

In Sendai, there are many shrines and temples with a deep history. Of those, places like Zuihoden Mausoleum and Osaki-Hachimangu Shrine are related to the Warring States period in Japan and the city’s founder, feudal samurai Lord Date Masamune. Besides these well-known locations, there are many more historical spots to discover. For example, the cradle of Tohoku’s government, culture, and military development from the 8th to 11th centuries at the Ruins of Tagajo Castle, Shiwahiko Shrine and Shiogama Shrine of Shiogama Shrine, the head of a number of shrines scattered around the country, the peaceful Jyogi Nyorai Saihouji Temple resting in the mountains away from the modern city, the nationally designated important cultural property and Sendai’s oldest wooden building Mutsu-Kokubunji Yakushido Temple, Shifukuji Temple famous for its brilliant blooming hydrangea flowers at the start of summer, Rinnoji Temple with its picturesque Japanese garden and amazing autumn foliage, and more. Visiting these temples and shrines in the present day offers a glimpse into the spirit world so important to the Sendai and Tohoku people since ancient times.

The Ruins of Tagajo Castle
Shiogama-Jinja Shrine
Jogi Nyorai Saihoji Temple
Mutsu-Kokubunji (Yakushido) Temple
Shifukuji Temple
Rinnoji Temple