Luggage Delivery Service

The Easy Luggage Delivery Service has been expanded!

Sendai City has been working with Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. to create longer service hours for the “Easy Luggage Delivery Service” provided at Sendai Station and Sendai Airport.

This service, which can be used at either Sendai Station or Sendai Airport, will deliver your bags to one of 84 participating hotel/inns in the Sendai City central area, Akiu area, Sakunami area, or even the Matsushima area. That way you can begin sightseeing right away, without carrying heavy bags!

Until now, you needed to drop off your bags at the reception counters by 9:30am in Sendai Airport and by 12pm in Sendai Station and S-PAL, the shopping complex which is connected to Sendai Station. But now, those three places will accept your baggage until 4pm!

These expanded service hours are supposed to be in effect from January 1st, 2017 until March 31st, 2017, but we plan on continuing them until December of 2017.
Thank you for using our service, and please enjoy your travel in Sendai.

For more information about the service, please check with the following.